At Atheist Public Library (APL), we believe that Atheism-related knowledge has to be free and accessible.

Therefore, we distribute Atheist content at no charge. Feel free to read, watch & download anything you’ll find here, and share it with your friends.

Some of the content you’ll find here is public domain. The other part was purchased by us and is now shared with you free of charge.

One may wonder why distribute books for free if they are quite affordable on Amazon. The answer is: ANONYMITY. We want to make sure that individuals who live in religious families can download Atheist content without leaving evidences on their card statements (as it would be in case of buying it online).  This is especially true for adolescents who use their parents’ cards for online banking. At APL, we eliminate this problem: you can download Atheist books to your electronic device without letting your family know.

Knowledge has to be free!